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About 3M Restaurant

American Buffet restaurant


Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday:
11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Address: 5910 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60660

Phone: (872) 806-9321



Kids 6-10y


Kids under 5 years old


All Items


Soup 12 oz.


Soup 16 oz.


Soft Drinks






Delicious delicious food, I've been here a few times with family and it has yet to disappoint. Food is always fresh and tasty. The staff is super nice as well.

Wojtek W.

Delicious!! I just had the spinach and cheese burek, and it is amazing. Finally, the real deal! The apricot crepes were also excellent. I'm thrilled that the "bun" I ordered is a fresh mini loaf of bread - a smaller version of what my mom used to make growing up. I'm too full to try the complimentary nutella crepe, but that was a nice surprise.

I had everything delivered to me in Lakeview, so I imagine it's even better served in the restaurant. I'll definitely be back to try more dishes! I'm especially excited to try the poppy seed strudel when it's available.

Pheege X.

This place is amazing!! I ordered the beef stew and the spaghetti bolognese and both were phenomenal. Fresh and homemade tasting, I cannot wait to try some more of their food. Oh, and the freshly made bread is seriously delicious!! Awesome!!

Janet M.

Come in and eat with us

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Phone: (872) 806-9321

Address: 5910 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60660

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Free Parking: Next to White Castle – Monday to Saturday 12-5pm